Multi Crop Bed Planter

Multi Crop Bed Planter

Forms Fresh Raised Bed + Planting +Fertilizing in one pass.



Multi Crop Bed Planter

  • Forms fresh raised beds
  • Sowing of wheat, maize and cotton.
  • 8 Rows for wheat, 4 for maize.
  • Pick and drop wheel metering.
  • Furrow wheel drive mechanism.
  • Bed size adjustable.
  • Mexican technology.


Frame 50x 50x 6 mm Ms Box and 6mm M.S Plate
Mast 50x 12 mm and 38X 12 mm M.S Plate
Hitch 75x 36x 6 mm M.S box
Tine 50x 20 mm M.S Plate 760 mm long
Shank 50x 20 M.S flat
Wings 330x 330 mm of 4 mm M.S sheet, adjustable
Driven Tractor Mounted
Length 1520 mm
Height 2240 mm
Width 2240 mm
Weight 470 kg Approx.

multicrop bed planter specifications – download