Tractor Mounted Reaper | Wheat & Rice Reaper

Tractor Mounted Reaper

Tractor Mounted Reaper

Tractor Mounted Multicrop Reaper

Intermediate technology between manual and harvester
Hydraulic + PTO operated.



Tractor Mounted Reaper

  • Suitable for Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice and similar crops.
  • Harvested crop is gently lain on the ground in form of windrow.
  • Continuous belt conveyor.
  • Overhead reel.
  • Reciprocating cutting bar.
  • Crop divider.


Source of power 25 hp+
Cutting width 7.5 feet
No. of blades/ knives 29
Machine length 7.8 feet
Machine width 2.4 feet
Machine height 2.4 feet
Weight 275 kgs